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JANUARY 2017 Newsletter 92


The Year of the Rooster is certainly appropriate for the bike park, where this summer we have had a resident rooster close by the Skill Zone. No one knows where he came from but recently another joined him!

The Whitianga Garden group have been working hard on the area we made available to them and they have had great success with their plantings. Some of the group have joined the committee and are contributing there too.

The summer has been very dry and there are some large cracks in the ground. Those on riding trails have been filled. It has meant a lot of work to our helpers to keep the plants growing. This care and attention to the arboretum has seen it flourish and some of the trees now provide shade.

Another addition has been some street furniture.   TCDC replaced some street and park chairs and these are now resting in our park. They are great for family picnics and parents sitting reading whilst the children ride and yell to each other.


The bush and grass which surrounds the park and it’s trails is tinder dry. There has already been a fire in the district which took days to extinguish. Thames Mountain Bike Club had a major fire there which closed the trails for a few days.


There is a total fire ban in all the District.


Graham Christianson and Whitianga Quarry have provided us with crushed rock for the trails. This is stop some of the winter erosion that takes place with the soft clay base. We are now covering this metal with shell and getting a great riding surface that will support the increased usage of the trails.


Many of you will have seen our message on facebook where we advised that the lower entry to the park had been closed and the gates across  the canal too. We had trouble with the sheep roaming on the road and other trails. We are currently addressing the problem. The farmer has already fixed a fence and mown the rushes greatly improving the situation. The cattle and sheep are important to keep the area tidy and ride able.


It has been our business season yet in the 14 years we have been going. On one day over 100 trail riders and BMX riders were on the trails at one time. Young riders had to queue to ride the BMX. As one parent said where else can a family have a great morning of fun at so little cost. Hope they gave us a donation.


To help visitors find us we have a sign in the swamp near the golf club on SH 25 and also a sign on Moewai Rd fence. The big park sign near Moewai Rd  is being updated and will be on site soon, telling people “they have arrived”

Trail signage is also being attended to. We know some of you told us about it, but it cannot be fixed until we have made changes to some of the trails.


The ride through the river near the HUB has been rebuilt and now all we need is water.

Some of the trails are to be “riders only” as high speed riders are at risk when a walker is on the trail. As we do have walkers wanting to see the Kauri Grove and also take the dog for a run, some “walking only” tracks will be added to those already there.


Don’t forget the donation box when you are visiting the park. Gold coins are ideal and provide the funds for petrol maintenance, bridge materials, toilet cleaning and so on.

Parents to some of our young riders are especially asked to help. All other riding parks charge a fee but we leave the option to you.

Come and have some fun. Bring a friend and have even more fun

Whitianga Bike Park Trail Director
Bruce Chambers
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Fax: 09 5245076
Mobile: 027 4944529
Email: [email protected]

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